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Postural Assessment 

A posture assessment can be perform static or dynamic, both focus on a complete analysis of the kinetic chain checkpoints that refer to major joint regions of the body. However the dynamic version is reflective of how an individual is able to maintain posture while performing functional tasks. It takes place in front of a posture grid. Therapist takes shots of four views. Anterior(Front), Posterior(Back) and Lateral(Right, Left). 

The static postural assessment is the first step in assessing the biomechanics and neuromuscular pieces of the puzzle necessary to create program for functional rebalancing.

Chronic Muscle Pain Consultation 

At some point "patch and go" approach no longer works, forcing a larger intervention, perhaps a renovation or reconstruction. The same is true within the body.The new patient chronic muscle pain consultation includes a Static or Dynamic Postural Assessment in addition to and/or Orthopedic Testing. Which often shows through deviation on the major joints providing an indicator of problem area that must be further evaluated in other to clarify the problem on hand(recurrent dull pain,soreness,tightness)

A typical session can be 45-60mins. The session is tailored for client's symptoms or condition.  

Every Consultation includes a Static Postural Assessment, hands on range of motion and muscle testing followed by at customized hands on therapy such as SapTherapy_TMS™ (Manual Tendon Stimulation) , Cupping and Lymphatic techniques(MLD). The last 10 mins of the session are dedicated to ergonomic basic exercises to help maintain until next visit and to prevent future soft tissue injuries or chronic conditions. Exceptions may occur to patient's discretion.   

  • SapTherapy_TMS Manual Therapy: a variety of stripping and compressions on strategic muscle origins and insertions regions(tendons) ans activation of the GTO Golgi Tendon Organ,  designed to help relief pain, feel freer and energized. 
  • Cupping: Professional medical cups are place on strategic areas on the body for the purpose to help lengthen muscle groups and increase proper blood flow.   
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage( MLD):  is known to be very powerful to help the body guide toxin out of the body. A set of gentle consecutive pressure on  mother lymph nodes nearest to the most affected area has proven to be very effective cutting injury recovery time in half. 
  • Ergonomic Exercises: A customized exercise plan of 3-5 simple active stretching and corrective exercises that help strengthen muscle groups weaken by overused, condition or injury. 


Chronic Pain Consultation and Posture Assessment $69 / 30 minutes
Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD/ Cupping Therapy$99 / 60 minutes
Postural Assessment and SapTherapy_ TMS™$129 / 60 minutes
SapTherapies_TMS™ (Tendon Manual Stimulation) $69 / 30 minutes