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Functional Body Health


SapTherapy Core & Balance offers a unique holistic program based on functional body health. Our treatments are extremely effective to relieve body pain, improve flexibility, help re-gain core stability and reduce musculoskeletal injuries recovery time.  We use a variety of modalities. Our most popular in active patients has been SapTherapy TMS(Tendon Manual Stimulation) techniques which is precise and effective assisting our clients in reaching their goals in only three visits.

SapTherapy Core & Balance treatments include:

  • One on One Consult                                                                        
  • Postural Analysis Exam
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Manual Therapy / Medical Massage (SapTherapy TMS)
  • Corrective Exercises / Targeted Effective Stretches

SapTherapy Core Balance is proud to treat a wide variety of our population: Professionals, Athletes, Dancers, Musicians and often anyone that is looking to make a change and incorporate body awareness and Wellness in to their life style.

Additional treatments include:

  • Lymphatic Draining Therapy to help flush toxins out the body
  • Cupping Therapy to help pain, inflammation, and blood flow
  • Core Strength Ergonomics to help improve desk/jobs poor posture



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