Physical Rehab & Associates LLC


SapTherapy Physical Rehab & Associates offers customized functional body health programs that help improve how your body functions so you can move better with less pain - whether you’re a busy professional with chronic body stiffness and pain, or a sports endurance training individual looking to relieve muscle soreness and reach your goals faster. 

  • Postural Improvement Program  
  • Functional Body Detox Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Program
  • Sports Endurance Enhancement Program


All our programs are based on SapTherapy TMS™ Tendon Manual Stimulation techniques (hands on body work and corrective exercises) Learn More. We often get you started with a consultation, postural assessment and muscle testing to help us understand your symptoms better. Then we suggest the program that better will help you reach your goals. Programs are regularly 6-9 sessions. Our patients often feel better on the first session. 

Our focus is on treating the body as a whole when symptoms of pain and soreness arise. We don’t do ‘patch and go’ temporary solutions. Instead, we look for and address the root causes of your inflammation, discomfort, or sub-optimal performance. 


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