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Sarit (Sara) Rodriguez, BPT. CES. LMT.


Sarit has worked for over a decade in Physical Rehabilitation clinics. She holds a Bachelor's Science Degree with emphasis in Physical Therapy  and Kinesiology from Northern Illinois University. A decade of experience in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics lead her to open SapTherapy Physical Rehab and Wellness in 2015. An opportunity to offer her own bodywork technique, SapTherapy_TMS™ (Tendon Manual Stimulation) an effective approach to alleviate chronic pain and enhance body performance. Sarit is also a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified provider, Licensed Orthopedic Manual Stimulation provider in IL, Cupping Therapy Master, a Pilates apprentice and functional body health enthusiast.

Sarit is also active in the community, acting as a spoke person for nonprofit organizations to inform and advocate for the workforce. Sarit likes to keep active, adding to her day running and Latin rhythms dancing. Also enjoys to cook and travel with her son Christian and husband Mike. 



 Alyssa Bell, LMT

Alyssa Bell has been servicing the Chicago community in the massage therapy and wellness industry since 2014. Graduating from the Soma Institute in 2013 for Clinical massage therapy, Alyssa became a passionate and driven therapist specializing in pain management also certified in Therapeutic cupping. She specifically specializes in treating tendonitis, headaches, TMJ, ITB contracture, plantar fasciitis and back pain. Alyssa is a trained Classical Pilates instructor since 2017 working with Fitness Formula Clubs. She enjoys educating her clients on pain management for life, functional movement and establishing healthy lifestyle habits. She believes and practices that true health is achieved through the established connection of mind and body.  

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