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Sarit(Sara) Rodriguez, BPT. CES. LMT.

Sarit has worked for over a decade in Physical Rehabilitation clinics. She holds a Bachelor's Science Degree with concentrations in Physical Therapy  and Kinesiology from Northern Illinois University. She is a Corrective Exercise Specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Over the years she has developed a wide range of management skills, her passion for helping people heal motivated her to become a Manual Therapy Licensed Illinois  provider. By the end of 2014, Sarit begin developing her own techniques based on SapTherapy_TMS (Tendon Manual Stimulation) a set of stripping strokes on strategic areas on the body that help regain muscular alignment and pain relief. Most recently in 2016 she was invited to participate on a Physiotherapy and Alternative Pain Therapies research program at the International University of Catalunya of Medicine in Barcelona, Spain. While constantly receiving praise from patients, she continues her journey promoting body health awareness and wellness in our communities. 

Sarit's likes to keep active, adding to her day running and Pilates. Also enjoys to cook and travel when time allows with her son Christian and husband Mike. 


 Alyssa Bell, LMT

Alyssa Bell has been servicing the Chicago community in the massage therapy and wellness industry since 2014. Graduating from the Soma Institute in 2013 for Clinical massage therapy, Alyssa became a passionate and driven therapist specializing in pain management also certified in Therapeutic cupping. She specifically specializes in treating tendonitis, headaches, TMJ, ITB contracture, plantar fasciitis and back pain. Alyssa is a trained Classical Pilates instructor since 2017 working with Fitness Formula Clubs. She enjoys educating her clients on pain management for life, functional movement and establishing healthy lifestyle habits. She believes and practices that true health is achieved through the established connection of mind and body.